A leading emergency response system.

We strive to bring you the best system possible. A combination of reliable, innovative hardware, brilliant staff, and affordable prices result in a solution that is second to none. LifeAid™ is the ultimate solution.

With an increasing need for a simplistic, affordable emergency response system, the LifeAid™ Emergency Response Service (ERS) provides a technical solution for the delivery of first responder services that is above the rest. 



About The Company

We're proudly Canadian.  LifeAid's home is in beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. LifeAid™ is a company that specializes in the safety and security of the independent senior, seniors housing, healthcare, and industrial markets in North America.

How Do We Compare

We're a cut above! See how LifeAid's leading emergency response system compares to other emergency response systems in the market.