We strive to bring you the best system possible.

A combination of reliable, innovative hardware, brilliant staff, and lowest prices (guaranteed) result in a solution that is second to none. LifeAid™ is the ultimate solution.

With an increasing need for a simplistic, affordable emergency response system, the LifeAid™ Emergency Response Service (ERS) provides a technical solution for the delivery of first responder services that is above the rest. By utilizing the latest in encrypted radio frequency technology, LifeAid ERS allows property managers to offer their seniors the assurance of quality EMS first responders at the push of a button. Our system includes automated false-alarm verification, on-site tenant health data, and does not require 24/7 staffing.

Faster attention.

The LifeAid™ ERS solution is a complete service with no cost to enter for the property owners. A monthly fee per pendent takes all of the maintenance and replacement of equipment and software upgrades off the table.

Besides the standard in-house or third party monitoring solutions, it is now possible to use the community based EMS as the first responder. This allows property staff members time to be reassigned to other value added tenant services. It could allow for the elimination of evening and night staff monitoring of emergency calls. These savings alone will often pay for the service, however, more importantly the individual will receive faster attention from a qualified first responder, one that is trained and equipped to resuscitate, lift, care for injured patients and transport as required.

A complete service.

The service agreement with LifeAid™ includes:

  • All electronic equipment

  • Complete installation and verification testing

  • All software and upgrades during the term of the contract

  • Any equipment repair or replacement as required during the term of the contract

  • Additional pendants (for replacing units with a low battery etc.)

  • Quarterly pendant use refreshers for tenants on premises

  • Customized First Responder Notification – SMS or Email

  • Pendant self testing

  • Customized personal escalation to friends and/or family members

This system is much more interactive and accessible than the previous one... The flexibility of the system allows us to fine tune how we want to see the reports and who sees the reports. LifeAid has followed through on their commitment to provide us with a reliable, user friendly, state-of-the-art system.”
— Darryl Martin, Housing Manager | Luther Heights