The LifeAid™ Emergency Response Service (ERS) is designed as, but is not limited to, a facility-based offering for senior housing and hospitals. To the tenant, it is simply a lightweight, water resistant pendant with only one large button to press if they need medical aid. There is no equipment in the individual's suite, room, or area to have to operate or service or repair.

Here is a summary of how it works:


Help Summoned.

When the button is pressed, there is an automated call back to the tenant’s telephone with the message:
“Press any button to cancel Ambulance” 
This message can be pre-programmed in other languages.


Signal Transmitted. 

If the tenant does not answer the phone or the phone is off the hook, our Call Center is notified immediately.


Personal Response. 

Quickly, our Call Center will dispatch the ambulance company any other pre-programmed contact.



Informed Arrival. 

Individual tenant data; (example: name, hospitalization no., medical conditions like diabetes, etc.) is made available to the medical team via SMS or Email. This information is customizable for each property.   




Our Call Center logs all communications and signs off once the Ambulance has been notified.